CAT tools


I’ve had it quite hard with CAT from the very beginning. For a long time I had an opinion that it’s a “devil’s invention” and I wouldn’t even look at them. But after I had to start using Trados 2007, I appreciated how sueful and convenient CATs are. After that I didn’t what to try its later versions or other similar tools. I guess I am a liittle bit of a retrograde:)

And now I am simply in love with Memsource Editor 2014. First, like probably with all other CATs, during the 7 years of their development, existing functions have improved and new ones appeared, for example, Quality Assurance. A second and quite important advatage – basic version of this instrument is free, but the only limitation is that you can’t work with more than 2 files at the same time. But this does not create any special difficulties, you just have to export the TM to your computer to be able to use it in the future after you have finished the job.

But there’s one weighty drawback – the TM is stored on the server only, so in case of any problems with the Internet connection you simply can’t use the CAT. It was especially “fun” yesterday, when 10 minutes before the deadline I informed my customer that I lost connection to the server and can’t download the translated document. Luckily, it was enough to re-login to resume access, but potentially such system can bring a lot of surprises.