There are many types of work related to translation: translating texts and oral interpreting, which in its turn can be consecutive and simultaneous and performed in person or via the Internet; proofreading and editing; post-editing, i.e. editing of machine translations, although this type of job is hardly worth taking. One can work through agencies or directly with customers who can be from your home country or from abroad.

Besides, there are jobs which are not translation as such, but require knowledge of a foreign language: searching for particular information, coding (when one has to assign answers obtained in the course of a marketing research to certain categories), evaluation of the Internet searches quality. One can engage successfully in these activities and earn money with them.

It’s important to find your niche in this variety. When starting work as a freelancer and not having enough jobs, one has a tendency to grab any work. In reality, there is an ocean of jobs. One just needs to learn finding and getting them. It’s better to do what you love and good at, where you are competitive – simply better than others – than trying to figure out a totally foreign topic, spending twice as much time and producing quite a mediocre translation as a result. That’s why you should