Course for Freelance Translators. Introduction

With my deepest gratitude to: my wife Victoria – for inspiration and wisdom; Ole Nydahl – for the advice to look for “translator colonies”; Bodo Schaeffer – for the “seventy-two hours” rule; Joanne Angulo – for the Marketing Techniques for Translators course.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Evgeny Marusik, I live in Wroclaw, Poland, and do translations for over 15 years, and in this course I want to share experience how to be successful in earning by freelance translation. The course consists of the theoretical part, containing the following sections:

  1. Translation Services Market
  2. Promoting Your Translator/Interpreter Services
  3. Translator’s Proficiency
  4. Financial And Legal Safety

and a practical tool in the form of Excel spreadsheets allowing to plan your activity and monitor successes.

The course duration is two months – that’s how long it took me to ensure a stable workload when due to moving to another country I had to start from scratch and master new ways to earn my living. Maybe with the help of this course you can make it faster.


  • you don’t have time for freelance,
  • you can’t translate with good quality and in time,
  • you already earn more than 1000 euro per month.

If none of the above applies to you – Welcome onboard! Join the club of successful freelance translators.