Life is good… and good life is better


Although I didn’t totally believe it myself, my decision to switch gradually from rouble customers to foreign ones proved to be very prudent. The recent events show this very clearly. And the question serving as the title of my course – how to earn over 1000 euro per month – now has a very definite answer: you have to earn them in euros.

When I was very young, I used to work at a public secondary school as a teacher of English. And once I happened to leave my wallet on the windowsill in the classroom. There wasn’t much money in it, actually next to nothing, but still, when I came back and didn’t find it, I felt quite sour.

And a few days later during a lesson the classroom door opens and someone throws the wallet into the classroom. I pick it up and find a folded sheet of paper in it. I think to myself: damn, they not only robbed a poor teacher but definitely wrote some nasty comments as well. But at that time I already started practising some positive mind-developing teachings, so I decided I would take it as a blessing, whatever that might be. So I unfold the paper and see only four words: “You should live better”.

A couple of months later I stopped working at school, and my life really started becoming better.

I recalled this little story to support my idea that the current hard situation with the rouble is a perfect stimulus to focus on finding customers paying in dollars and euros. Because for one hour of working for a foreign customer one can earn the amount equal to working the whole day at Russian rates. And due to the fact that although the rouble purchasing power also deteriorates, it does so not as fast as its exchange rate, so when you earn abroad and spend it Russia, you’re on the winning side.

PS: this post is one year old, but it is even more true now, in February 2016: away from rouble customers! But the task is not that easy, and although there is some progress comparing to the previous year, my personal budget is still rouble-dependent.