Pricing errata and addenda


Correction on Europe and US agencies pricing.

I wrote in my course that average rates for western agencies are 0.06 euro or 0.08 usd per word. Теперь я пришел к выводу, что указанные ставки – это, пожалуй, минимум, самая нижняя граница. Now I have to the conclusion that these are the minimal rates, lowest possible for a proffesional. And the average ones would be 0.09 euro / 0.12 usd per word, while high (but nontheless attainable) are the rates of 0.12 euro / 0.15 usd per word. This information is not the final truth, of course. Rates are quite subjective and they are determined by how much a translator is ready to ask for his/her work.

PS dated 09.09.2015: And now when the usd/euro exchange rate is 7 to 8, the situation has changed again, and we have to decide whether it would be wise raising the rates for European customers or, on the contrary, give the American agencies a discount.