Services and Rates

These are the languages pairs I work with:
  • English – Russian
  • Russian – English
  • Polish – Russian
You can get help with translating:
  • your business correspondence,
  • website,
  • telephone conversations,
  • contracts,
  • reports,
  • equipment manuals, and
  • other documents.
    You can also order a search for specific information in the English or Russian Internet.

Standard rate for translation:

    0.10 euro per word.
Standard rate for proofreading a translation:
    0.03 euro per word (30 euro per hour).
    It can be higher in case of urgency (translating more than 3000 words per day), a very specific topic or nonstandard source text format (like non-editable image files).
Discount system All my translations are proofread by a peer translator and formatted to look nice and readable (you have to make adjustments because of different word length in the source and target language).
    You can pay less if:
  • you are not in a hurry                                               – 0.01 = 0.09 euro per word
  • you want to use your own proofreader              – 0.02 = 0.08 euro per word
  • you want to correct the formatting yourself    – 0.01 = 0.09 euro per word
These discounts can add up, so if you need neither proofreading nor formatting done by me and you can wait a couple of weeks, you can have the translation for 0.06 euro per word. On the Portfolio page you can find some examples of documents I have translated