Speed, setting records and ProZ paid membership


First, I’d like to boast of my interview about freelancing (sorry guys, available only in Russian)

And now more details how the record earning of 352 usd per day, mentioned there, was achieved.

A post about an urgent translation of 4 paged by tomorrow morning appeared on ProZ. I replied as soon as this message dropped to my mailbox – and I got an answer that they had already sent the text to a translator who replied earlier (!) but if somehow they don’t make it with her, they will come back to me. I understand it looks like I missed this job but in two minutes I get a message that the first translator does not answer (some customers ARE impatient, I’d say) and if I am still interested, then let’s do it. So we agree on the terms, I do the translation, send it out, get paid 100 usd on that very day (which is rare, usually one has to wait for a month or even two). And next week they send a 3 times bigger job with the same topic, also urgent, and, here are we, a personal record of earning 352 usd per day is set!

This mean that in some cases all you need is just being online. Other translators could have done this job no worse than me, but I managed to be the first. So my cautious recoomendation in the course text that it might be helpful to get a paid ProZ membership can be changed now for the following:

If you want jobs from European and US companies, a paid ProZ membership is a must, because non-paying members get information about jobs only 12 hours after a job is posted, when all “juicy” jobs are already taken. Besides, some customers initially restrict their jobs for full members only. So a paid membership will pay back for sure, of course if the price you demand is adequate to your professionalism level and your qualifications are well represented in your translator profile.