Urgent Translations

Urgent Translations Are My Specialty

I love working slowly. Checking and double-checking every dubious term, searching for materials on the topic in the Net, consulting with more experienced colleagues. Giving the completed translation to an experienced proofreader or native speaker (for translations into English).

But your business might have a situation when there is a need for urgent translation. And this has become my specialty field. Using state-of-the-art means for process automation and quality assurance (like Memsource or other CAT tools), relying on extensive experience and, if necessary, engaging reliable subcontractors, allows accomplishing what seems to be impossible, and taking urgent jobs refused by larger translation agencies with many-stage system of intermediaries and coordination.

So, if you are in a situation when you need your translation „yesterday”:

• send the text for evaluation to my email esmarusik@gmail.com

• inform me about sending it by phone or WhatsApp +48 698 044 255 (my number in Poland),

• and I’ll write back in half an hour with an offer how soon you can get the translation.

A translator with over 15 years of experience in various fields guarantees you strict adherence to deadlines, completeness and quality of translation.